quarta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2014

October 13

A posted letter (halloween card) was posted on October 13, 1969, as noted by others, the exact date you did so two years from the date of renewal of driver's license main suspect, as almost my whole theory revolves around such a document, I always wondered why this "renewal" mean rebirth in your mind, or something else?! Then watched as other theories that have explained that this date 13/10/67 could mean the name of this, observing the periodic table occupies position 10 Ne (Neon) and 13 Al (Aluminium), an anagram of the name of the main suspect . 
So 10/13 can mean the sick mind of the infamous Z two things, rebirth and name, it should be noted that in 1967 he completed the main suspect, then 33 years old, the age when Christ died and rose in the Christian tradition. (If that makes any sense, we never know)

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