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terça-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2019

"dripping pen" Months

Looking again at the "dripping pen" letter, which accompanied cipher 340, in which I had noticed that the months written are 17 letters long (the same length as cipher lines)

"Des July Aug Sept Oct"

, I also noticed, that such written months of complete way and together without space has a compliance of 34 letters, that is, double of 17 and 10% of the length of the Cipher 340.


quinta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2018

340 vigenere Key??!! Dripping Pen letter

In my research on the ciphers and letters of the infamous Zodiac I noticed something interesting.
At the end of the letter (see image), sent on November 8, 1969, together  with the months written by the zodiac, including August, month which we have no crime of public knowledge practiced by the infamous Z ,written in abbreviated form (with the exception of July).



I noticed that the length of the letters of these "words" is 17, which is the length of the lines of both Z408 (already Decrypted) and Z340 (not yet deciphered) and parsimoniously in the line above Z32 (not yet deciphered)
As this letter was sent along with the cipher 340 (which is suggestive), I thought this might be a key to 340 (Vigenere who knows?!)

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