sábado, 27 de julho de 2013

Leigh Allen driver's renew number Zodiac Killer 408 cipher (EBEORIETEMETHHPITI Theory)

1 - The sequence EBEORIETEMETHHPITI was not created by me, it was drafted by the infamous Zodiac, I do not believe it was random, and there appears to be definite context.

2 - The breakdown method I have used, is to consider that the letters can be attributed a value from the number of times each letter is repeated in the sequence. For example,  ask a student, how many times the letter E occurs within the sequence   EBEORIETEMETHHPITI,??!!  The students answer will be 5
3- There are 9 vowels and  9 consonants in the sequence, that is fact.
4 - Adding the values extracted by the above method produces a total of 52, that is  fact
5 - Then place the vowels and consonants in two distinct rows in descending order .
6 - Using 52 as the "key" we then move forward in two stages, using the first 2 rows and 5 columns shown in the diagram below, add up the figures as demonstrated to pruduce 166776 .
7-Using the key "52" , proceed to multiply this with the figure  16776 to generate our new total 8672352.
8-The 8th letter of the alphabet is H, that is fact, and a cut joining the left part of the letter H with another cut in the number 8, is similar to the letter B (see below for explanation).
10 - The final result produces B672352, the number of the main suspects driving license, I can not say that he was the author, but it appeared without too much effort using simple mathematics.

Z408 Message




Z 340 

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dates of the crimes (the killer zodiac attributes to himself)

Updating this article, We have the dates of the crimes, that in fact the infamous Z assumed in order according to the day of the crime: 
04,11,20 and 27 
and obtain such information as pictures below 

They say it is forced but wonder, how can I force it, or if I was born (I was born on July 5, 1973) determined that the subject was raised as a suspect, and that the suspect had been born on a specific date that appears so as "logical" ?? !! 
What are the mathematical odds of so many "coincidences" that a certain person among thousands of people who lived in a certain place have been suspected and investigated "appear" in much of my work numerous times ?? !! 
I do not believe in ultimate truth, but I think the least intriguing !!!

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Oh my code!!!

Como Davinci escrevia de forma espelhada,fiz esse espelho com o Monalisa,surgiu essa "criatura" sinistra dentro de um "cálice"