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The social security number of Allen. At least curious coincidence (888)

Richard Grinell, administrator of site www.zodiacciphers.com  and author of a very interesting theories about the various letters, dates and other aspects of the crime, working with the mathematical code known as Code Gematric spotted this interesting (other) "coincidence"
C.I.I of A.L.A = 1311511
My names is .. "cipher" after extracted in gematric code = 15131111

see the link to the theory:http://www.zodiacciphers.com/1/post/2014/03/the-name-on-the-13-symbol-cipher.html

domingo, 6 de outubro de 2013

340/ periodic table

I noticed that the 340 starts with "HER", and the periodic table of chemical elements, starting with hydrogen (symbol H) and followed Helium (symbol He), thought it curious, as I always say, it could be something or nothing can be but share because who knows there do not have a key and other person sees things i  not seen.
Marcelo Leandro
http://www.ptable.com/?lang=pt   Try in Dave webtoy : http://zodiackillerciphers.com/webtoy/

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A Matter of time

Leia no link , outro artigo de Rich , fala a respeito de um assassinato antes da existência da "persona" Zodiac. É quase impossivel não relacionar ao criminoso , talvez suas primeiras experiências, fico imaginando se neste crime hediondo , pela pouca experiência não ficou algo para tras , utiliza a opção de tradução em português.

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Excelente teoria , na qual Richard Grinell , possivelmente , observa detalhes , que por vezes nos passam desapercebidos , enfim , mergulha em possíveis caminhos , que talvez a mente do criminoso tenha caminhado para construção de seus códigos . Utilize a opção de tradução em português.

My name is código 808

Observed in wikipedia that the telephone area code is 808 Hawaii, found interesting, noting that the number 0 to 8 would form (in theory) symbols similar to those that appear symmetrically in "my name is ..."
Someone may have seen before, but forgiveness if they have already seen me pass on whom I give the credits. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Area_code_808

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My name is ...symmetry theory code (break)

In this theory, reading this excellent article and theory, on the website of Rich :http://www.zodiacciphers.com/1/post/2013/05/the-symmetry-of-the-13-symbol-cipher.html on the symmetry of the "my name is", I had an idea ,  i used the criteria from the letter K (like a KEY) and the letter N meaning "north", or toward  for back and forth to find letters and symmetry ."AE"/"EA"assigning such letters beginning and end of the code "inverted", finally this its end produces such letters can form this and other anagrams.


open for suggestions


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Not confirmed victim of the Zodiac, the main suspect lived in the area at the time, can not be anything but the anagram is strange, even comparing it to my name is ... AEN, of course with the name of the victim can reach many results anagram. But I found curious and morbid.



                                                       A E  N

kim wenDY allen
D swapped by  H and Y swapped by I

Zona de atuação Geográfica do Zodiaco

Ótima matéria a respeito do perfil geográfico de atuação do assassino do zodiaco ,em zodiaccifhers
veja o link : http://www.zodiacciphers.com/1/post/2013/08/the-lost-20-minutes.html#.UhUoG9LVBsl

segunda-feira, 5 de agosto de 2013

The Map

Theoretical analysis, I used the scale below the map. Open for help. (And please, it's just theory!!)
Interestingly this map are two things, the measure of the vertical line (south / north) is exactly proportional to the scale below the left on the map. Another thing is that the parallel measure, which draws method of repetitions in frequencies of letters or symbols, form exactly one isosceles triangle, starting from the Hermam Lake - Monte Diablo - and the end of the horizontal  line (20). I may be completely wrong, but as I say this site is just theories, open to suggestions.

sábado, 27 de julho de 2013

Leigh Allen driver's renew number Zodiac Killer 408 cipher (EBEORIETEMETHHPITI Theory)

1 - The sequence EBEORIETEMETHHPITI was not created by me, it was drafted by the infamous Zodiac, I do not believe it was random, and there appears to be definite context.

2 - The breakdown method I have used, is to consider that the letters can be attributed a value from the number of times each letter is repeated in the sequence. For example,  ask a student, how many times the letter E occurs within the sequence   EBEORIETEMETHHPITI,??!!  The students answer will be 5
3- There are 9 vowels and  9 consonants in the sequence, that is fact.
4 - Adding the values extracted by the above method produces a total of 52, that is  fact
5 - Then place the vowels and consonants in two distinct rows in descending order .
6 - Using 52 as the "key" we then move forward in two stages, using the first 2 rows and 5 columns shown in the diagram below, add up the figures as demonstrated to pruduce 166776 .
7-Using the key "52" , proceed to multiply this with the figure  16776 to generate our new total 8672352.
8-The 8th letter of the alphabet is H, that is fact, and a cut joining the left part of the letter H with another cut in the number 8, is similar to the letter B (see below for explanation).
10 - The final result produces B672352, the number of the main suspects driving license, I can not say that he was the author, but it appeared without too much effort using simple mathematics.

Z408 Message




Z 340 

Click  HERE

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dates of the crimes (the killer zodiac attributes to himself)

Updating this article, We have the dates of the crimes, that in fact the infamous Z assumed in order according to the day of the crime: 
04,11,20 and 27 
and obtain such information as pictures below 

They say it is forced but wonder, how can I force it, or if I was born (I was born on July 5, 1973) determined that the subject was raised as a suspect, and that the suspect had been born on a specific date that appears so as "logical" ?? !! 
What are the mathematical odds of so many "coincidences" that a certain person among thousands of people who lived in a certain place have been suspected and investigated "appear" in much of my work numerous times ?? !! 
I do not believe in ultimate truth, but I think the least intriguing !!!

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Oh my code!!!

Como Davinci escrevia de forma espelhada,fiz esse espelho com o Monalisa,surgiu essa "criatura" sinistra dentro de um "cálice"