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Egypt/Pair Dice/Lady Doom

 In one of my searches , I ended up stumbling upon this , and it may be that I am seeing shapes in a cloud , however , I always share .

Looking at the CONTEXT , in this case Red Ryder's magazine (u can see more here : http://www.zodiackillersite.com/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=1275 , which everyone who knows the case , in a way , is connected to the case ( Halloween card ) , I noticed that:
When we arrange the Z408 in columns(vertical reading therefore) , the same size as the original text , that is , 24 lines of 17 columns ,
I come up with correlated words (both the magazine and the Halloween card)

LADY DOOM (maybe)

Note that the words suggestively ,
ARROW in the shape of an arrow ,
SNAKE , somewhat snake-shaped,
FALL ,in vertical (falling)

Egypt begins, suggestively in the final E of paradicE (which we all know refers has its context to afterlife slaves)

KNIFE appears, but, in another observation, which ends up redundant in something I'll leave aside

I really don't know how much of this can be coincidence, that can be verified in other random texts if the same phenomenon exists, I mean, such familiar words distributed around the 408 message placed vertically. Except for FALL, all the others arise from distinct columns combined, that is, they use part or letters of words from the text, but do not use the text itself.

I hadn't noticed ,
Nile , which is the responsible river and sacred in ancient Egyptian religion appears , Egypt appears in the end of "PARADICE"diagonally across the beginning of "AFTERLIFE".
See how curious, I observed some Egyptian gods ,(Seth, Isis), Mummy .

For better visualization of the reading of "Egypt", I put side by side the cipher 340 with the segment "I HOP" (beginning of the decoding "I HOPE" )

The reading of "Egypt" is in the same way as we read 340 at its beginning in a mirrored fashion

It forms a small "pyramid" with "Afterlife" below, like a tomb.

The reading of "Egypt" is done by climbing up the "pyramid".

Notice , there is a pair of squares containing DICE , "pair Dice"???(Paradice)

Updating. :)

I have researched the names of some Egyptian gods
I noticed that, when we put the symbols in place of the letters, something like "KID DIE" is inside the "pyramid".
That, the last 6 letters of after life are below the tomb ("six under")

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