sábado, 6 de setembro de 2014

Z408 PRT!!

Observing the final sequence of 18 letters in the Z408 again spotted in the same previous method, the "PRT" pattern this time with the absence of the letter V
(Be him??!!)

Anagrams for: BEHIMOPRT from http://wordsmith.org/anagram/anagram.cgi?anagram=BEHIMOPRT&t=1000&a=n

211 found. Displaying all: 
Hombre Tip ,Hombre Pit,Potherb Mi,Bother Imp,Timbre Hop,Timber Hop,Bite Morph
Rhombi Pet,Birth Mope,Birth Poem,Hob Permit,Both Prime,Orbit Hemp,Bop Hermit
Be Hi Tromp,Be Him Port,Be Mirth Op,Be Hit Romp,Be Hit Prom,Be Ohm Trip,Be Morph Ti,Be Morph It,Be Moth Rip,Be Hop Trim,Be Tho Prim,Be Hot Prim,Herb Mi Pot
Herb Mi Top,Herb Mi Opt,Herb Imp To,Herb Pi Mot,Herb Pi Tom,Herb Tip Om,Herb Pit Om,Herb Ti Mop,Herb It Mop
,Berth I Mop,Berth Mi Op,Berth Pi Om,Berm Hi Pot,
Berm Hi Top,Berm Hi Opt,Berm Hip To,Berm Phi To,Berm Hit Op,Berm Oh Tip
Berm Oh Pit,Berm Ho Tip,Berm Ho Pit,Berm Hop Ti,Berm Hop It,Berm Tho Pi
Berm Hot Pi,Bet Hi Romp,Bet Hi Prom,Bet Him Pro,Bet Ohm Rip,Bet Morph I
Bet Oh Prim,Bet Ho Prim,Bet Hop Rim,Bet Rho Imp,Birth Me Op,Birth Em Op
Hob Me Trip,Hob Em Trip,Hob Perm Ti,Hob Perm It,Hob Rem Tip,Hob Rem Pit
Hob Term Pi,Hob Met Rip,Hob Pert Mi,Hob Pet Rim,Broth Me Pi,Broth Em Pi
Throb Me Pi,Throb Em Pi,Both Me Rip,Both Em Rip,Both Perm I,Both Rem Pi
Both Per Mi,Both Rep Mi,Both Re Imp,Bi Eh Tromp,Bi He Tromp,Bi Hem Port
Bi Hemp Tor,Bi Hemp Rot,Bi Hemp Ort,Bi Therm Op,Bi Them Pro,Bi The Romp
Bi The Prom,Bi Perm Tho,Bi Perm Hot,Bi Temp Rho,Bi Term Hop,Bi Per Moth
Bi Rep Moth,Bi Pert Ohm,Brim Eh Pot,Brim Eh Top,Brim Eh Opt,Brim He Pot
Brim He Top,Brim He Opt,Brim Hep To,Brim The Op,Brim Pet Oh,Brim Pet Ho
Rib Hem Pot,Rib Hem Top,Rib Hem Opt,Rib Hemp To,Rib Them Op,Rib Hep Mot
Rib Hep Tom,Rib The Mop,Rib Temp Oh,Rib Temp Ho,Rib Met Hop,Rib Pet Ohm
Bit Eh Romp,Bit Eh Prom,Bit He Romp,Bit He Prom,Bit Hem Pro,Bit Hemp Or
Bit Her Mop,Bit Perm Oh,Bit Perm Ho,Bit Rem Hop,Bit Per Ohm,Bit Rep Ohm
Mob Eh Trip,Mob He Trip,Mob Her Tip,Mob Her Pit,Mob The Rip,Mob Per Hit
Mob Rep Hit,Mob Pert Hi,Mob Re Pith,Tomb Eh Rip,Tomb He Rip,Tomb Her Pi
Tomb Per Hi,Tomb Rep Hi,Tomb Re Hip,Tomb Re Phi,Bop Eh Trim,Bop He Trim
Bop Therm I,Bop The Rim,Bop Rem Hit,Bop Term Hi,Rob Hem Tip,Rob Hem Pit
Rob Hemp Ti,Rob Hemp It,Rob Them Pi,Rob The Imp,Rob Me Pith,Rob Em Pith
Rob Temp Hi,Rob Met Hip,Rob Met Phi,Rob Pet Him,Bro Hem Tip,Bro Hem Pit
Bro Hemp Ti,Bro Hemp It,Bro Them Pi,Bro The Imp,Bro Me Pith,Bro Em Pith
Bro Temp Hi,Bro Met Hip,Bro Met Phi,Bro Pet Him,Orb Hem Tip,Orb Hem Pit
Orb Hemp Ti,Orb Hemp It,Orb Them Pi,Orb The Imp,Orb Me Pith,Orb Em Pith
Orb Temp Hi,Orb Met Hip,Orb Met Phi,Orb Pet Him,
Be Hi Mr Pot
Be Hi Mr Top
Be Hi Mr Opt
Be Hip Mr To
Be Phi Mr To
Be Hit Mr Op
Bet Hi Mr Op
Bi Eh Mr Pot
Bi Eh Mr Top
Bi Eh Mr Opt
Bi He Mr Pot
Bi He Mr Top
Bi He Mr Opt
Bi Hep Mr To
Bi The Mr Op
Bit Eh Mr Op
Bit He Mr Op

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