quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2021

My Thing

 After the decoding of the cipher 340 , I found several "curiosities".

In this case, I noticed that :

When we unite the two ciphers 408 and 340 we have the following phenomenon, 

-Which side by side the word "THING" appears This word appeared in prominence in the letter that accompanied the cipher 340.

"i could do my THING!!!!!!!!!"

-On two pages , the half of cipher 408 (line 12) coincides with the half of cipher 340 (line 10)

-That line 10 of cipher 340, is the beginning of the "second part" , in which was made the reading in period 19 of cipher 340, which had its decoding, basically in 3 parts , I mean, two parts of 9 lines in period 19 and 2 lines read , with 8 words , being 5 in "mirror"

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